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All the compositions in the TMW catalog are arrangements, transcriptions or original works by Marcia LaReau.

If you don't find what you are looking for, call and let us know and your request will be created and added to the catalog.

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A note about style. TheMasterWorks does not include music in the jazz or rock idioms.

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  • Hymns for congregational singing. These arrangements are for congregational singing. Browse the complete Hymn List or by one of the following subcategories: Orchestra, Chamber Ensembles, and Descants.

  • Stand-alone selections for instruments. This section includes lists of stand-alones for a variety of instrumentation. A full description accompanies each entry.

  • Choir. This page has a listing of choir selections by a variety of composers that have been transcribed for a variety of ensemble types.
    NOTE: Many of these works are under copyright protection. TheMasterWorks will request the appropriate permissions on behalf of your organization to perform these works. Call for more information.

  • Christmas. Everything associated with Christmas is listed here.

  • Holy Week. Find all the TMW repertoire associated with Holy Week.

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