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“And they lay their crowns before the throne and say, “You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power…”” Revelation 4:10 – 11a.

Receiving compliments used to cause some of the most awkward moments of my life. One day I heard someone preach on this verse from the Book of Revelation. The speaker indicated that we will receive "crowns in heaven"...and what are we going to do with them? As the vivid picture portrayed that we would all lay those crowns before the throne of King Jesus, I finally came to terms with receiving compliments. It is my privilege to receive them and bring them before the Lord because He is the one that brings good from our lives. God has made me a conductor, a composer and an anarranger. I am grateful for the opportunity to be about His business. To Him be the glory. Marcia LaReau, Steward, TheMasterWorks their own words:
from the pros...
Pat Grimm, Music Director, First United Methodist Church, Stamford, CT
Marcia LaReau is one of those rare composers who writes music that is satisfying and inspiring for both the performer and the listener. Her compositions are written with a clear understanding of the purpose of music in a worship service, and are sensitive to the text, supportive of congregational singing, and bring forth the best in the musicians. I have watched her work with both amateur and professional musicians, and am amazed at the beautiful sounds she is able to get from an ensemble in a remarkably short time. She is truly a gifted composer, conductor, and coach, whose primary goal is to bring glory to God through providing excellent musical resources to congregations and helping musicians develop their talent.
Shirley W. Wilson, Music Associate/Organist and Children, First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Erie, PA
"Dr. Marcia LaReau presents music for the Lord from a varied musical background. Not only has she performed as a professional solo trumpeter, she has proven herself as a knowledgeable conductor, and an experienced educator. She writes music with imagination and flair, but within the musical boundaries of those for whom it is written. Dr. LaReau has seriously studied the challenges of the instruments for which she writes, and composes pieces with a stellar combination of love for Christ and professional excellence."
Kenneth Nott, Professor and Chair, Music History and B.A. Music, Director, Academic Studies Division, The Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford, Hartford, CT, Director of Music, St. Paul's Catholic Church, Glastonbury, CT
"Marcia LaReau is a "complete" musician in the best eighteenth-century sense of the word. She is a composer, arranger, conductor and performer (trumpet, piano and violin). In each sphere of activity she adheres to the highest professional standards while displaying at the same time an utterly selfless attitude and demeanor - a rare thing in a profession overflowing with self-important "practitioners." In the spirit of eighteenth-century music making, Dr. LaReau skillfully adapts her compositions and arrangements to specific occasions and settings without sacrificing artistic values. What is more, she understands music in its many aspects and is an effective instructor who has something to offer to novices and seasoned professionals alike."
Gustav Hoyer, Composer, Sunland, CA
"Marcia LaReau is a rare musician whose attention to detail and sensitivity to the overall form of the piece make her an insightful conductor at both the small and large scale. She rehearses with intelligence and courtesy, and effectively draws the other musicians into the music on the stand. She brings an excellent sense of balance and control to every performance. Every time she has conducted music that I have written, she has always demonstrated a real understanding of the music before her.
Grace Abrahamsen, former Director of Music, Calvary Church, West Hartford, CT
"In mid life, I became a Minister of Music after many years as a soloist, choir member, accompanist and children’s choir director. For nine years in that position at a mid-sized New England church, I had the privilege of having Marcia participate with me as one of my very capable musicians. My final Sunday before retiring arrived, but the sadness of the occasion was overcome by an original anthem on Psalm 103 composed by Marcia. It was her unsolicited contribution of spontaneous love that gave the last day a touch of heaven for me and the congregation.
Her passion and love, along with great credentials and skill, add up to powerfully communicating God’s love through music. For those who know her, she is a treasured resource and friend."

from the pews...
Ruth Brennan from Bourne, TX
"It has been my privilege to delight in Marcia LaReau’s musical offerings within the church setting. Working exclusively with volunteer instrumentalists, she provides a splendid showcase for God's glory whether she sets her gifted hands to conducting, composing or arranging. While the ear turns first to listen, the heart is quickly drawn to worship the King. Her pursuit of excellence coaxes the exceptional from performer and worshipper alike. And should she take up the trumpet, the angels pause to listen!"
Clee Priest, Choir member, Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon CT
"To watch Marcia LaReau conduct or play is to see love in action! Her passion for God radiates from her heart to orchestra members and audiences alike. Her original compositions are evidence of her brilliant ability to meld various instrumental sounds producing mellifluous music. I have been richly blessed by Marcia’s consummate Christian compositions and her conducting – she is Master-full!"
Jessica Stewart, formerly of Avon, CT
"It has been my joy to sit under the music ministry of Marcia LaReau. I particularly remember one Good Friday service at Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon, CT. The entire service was built around Marcia's musical compositions and arrangements. I was deeply touched as the music was instrumental in my worship of Jesus and all He did for me at Calvary. I was amazed that a fellow-worshiper could arrange and compose music that could touch my soul in such a profound way! I left that night with a deeper appreciation of the cross. "Thank you, Lord, for gifting your servant in such an amazing way!"

in the press...
The Pueblo Chieftan, Pueblo, CO

November 21, 1993
Conductor Marcia LaReau pulls off excellent Tschaikovsky….. dramatic and deeply emotional.

April 24, 1994:
"PSO feels soul of its music which has characterized LaReau's conducting all season, but the music seemed to have greater emotional content than before. Pleasing in its own right, nothing short of awesome."

November 20, 1994:
Symphony shines… the direction of Marcia LaReau and her fine musicianship continues to be evident throughout the realms of instrumental music in Pueblo.

November 18, 1995
Conductor Marcia LaReau and the Symphony achieve a new standard of excellence. This was an elegant concert.

May 19, 1996
Pueblo Symphony season draws to rousing close… a big hand for Conductor LaReau and the Pueblo Symphony for providing us with a fine season of excellent performances....
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