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Stand Alones
...Instrumental selections
Arranged by:
   Transcriptions: Works by other composers that have been transcribed for specific instruments
      Original Works: Frequently hymn based, these works are for use in service, special occassion, or concert presentation.
         NOTE: All choir selections are also listed on the Choir page in this library.

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Title or name Instrumentation Difficulty/Description Length $ Prefix Cat #
Concerto Grosso, Opus 6, No. 2
4 vln, 1 vla, 2 vc Grave, Andante, Allegro. 2 choirs. All parts independent. 2'20" $20 saSTna73 C00014
Concerto Grosso, Opus 6, No. 4
4 vln, 1 vla, 2 vc Adagio, Allegro. 2 choirs. All parts independent. 2'15" $20 saSTna73 C00015
Concerto in C Major for 2 piccolos (flutes)
2 picc (fl) soloists, orchestra In this short Allegro movement, solo parts are diff: 3, the orchesra is diff. 2. Lighthearted, with the baroque bounce. 2'15" $30 soWWor23 C00017
G. F. Handel:
Hallelujah! Amen from Judas Maccabaeus
2 tpt, 2 bone, tuba, timp, org The brass play the chorus parts and the organ, the accompaniment. Optional timps. Composed as a postlude for Resurrection Sunday. 1'20" $20 saMIko63 H00013
G. F. Handel:
I Know that My Redeemer Liveth from Messiah
Solo Violin, orchestra Transposed to Eb, soprano solo is taken 8va by the violin. Works well with incomplete instrumentation. A continuo part may be played on the organ, piano or with a harpsichord setting if the number of accompanying instruments is small. 5'50" $40 soSTorO3 I00007
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Original Works
Title or name Instrumentation Difficulty/Description Length $ Prefix Cat #
Breathe on Me Breath of God Solo Violin, Solo Cello, Piano Contempletve, composed to give time for congregational reflection following a sermon. 3 min. $20 saSTkp23 B00004
Christmas Medley Orchestra Bright and celebratory, this medley is comprised of three hymn settings for congregation: Angels We Have Heard, How Great Our Joy, O Come All Ye Faithful. Used as Postlude following an Advent presentation. 2'30" $40 saORkbF3 C00018
Christmas Prelude 3 tpt, 3 bone, tuba, pno, org Based on Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Angels We Have Hearde on High. 3 min. $20 saBRkb73 C00013
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Fl/Picc, 2 Cl, vln, vc Diff: 4+. Cl pts both difficult. VC diff: 3. Variations build into a rousing dance. includes changing meters and tempos. 3'12" $30 saMIna54 C00014
Deep Within Solo tuba, Solo Piano Reverse variations on "My Faith Looks Up to Thee". Begins dissonant in eb min. Mixed meters. Both harmonic and rhythmic dissonance resolves with ea. var as "faith" is restored. 4'45" $20 saBRkp15 D00002
Dialogues in the Shadows Orchestra Soloists (fl, cl, sx, tpt, bone, tuba, pno, org, vln, vc) "speak out" phrases from hymns assoc.w/Good Friday to create "dialogues". Musical aspect is more difficult than technical. Composed to open a Tenebrae Service. 4'25" $35 saORkbF4 D00003
Emmanuel Come Picc(recorder), Oboe, BassCl(bsn), Drone(org) Expository solos interweave snippets from O Come, O Come, I Wonder as I Wander, & Infant Holy. Composed to be played in a dim-lit sanctuary on Christmas Eve. 2'35" $25 saWWko34 E00003
Fanfare on Ein' Feste Burg Picc. Tpt, org. Fanfare on phrases from chorale with organ interjections w/ parallel chordal motives. Composed as an introduction to the hymn. Usable for congregational singing if instruments are amplified or the group is small. 1 min $10 saBRko14 E00001
Fearful Fanfare 4 tpt, 3 bones, pno, org Written to be played in the balcony (out of sight). Begins dissonant, resolving to brilliant. Composed to prepare the Scripture "And suddenly there appeared to them..." (Luke 2:13) 30 sec. $20 saBRkb73 F00002
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Give Thanks ©, a setting Fl, cl, A.Sx, Flug (tpt), vln, pno A graceful setting of "Give Thanks". All instruments have a solo role throughout. 2'40" $25 saMIkp53 G00005
In Thee We Rejoice! Orchestra Celebratory. Opens with a rustic setting of "In Thee is Gladness" moves to "Good Christians All Rejoice!". Snippets of both melodies become the counterpoint for "What Child is This". 4 min $50 saORkbF4 I00009
Infant Joy String Quartet (2 vln, vla, vc) Based on "Infant Holy" and "How Great our Joy". Composed for a student string quartet in elementary school. 2'15" $15 saSTna42 I00008
Meditation on Emmanuel © Cl, Sop.Sax, Flug (tpt) Thoughtful and meditative. Based on the tune: Emmanuel, which is elongated at the beginning, revealing itself by the final phrase. Composed for a contempletive Christmas eve candelight service. 3'30" $15 saMIko33 M00006
Overture: Soldiers of Christ Arise Orchestra, pno A jubilant setting on Diademata (usable for Resurrection Sunday), in ABA form. The B section merges back and forth with Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicaea), ends triumphantly. 4 min $50 saORkpF4 O00010
Resurrection Day Overture 2 tpt, 2 bone, tuba, timp, org Composed for Resurrection Sunday. Begins soft with expectation and builds to "Great Is the Lord", moves through "Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise" and builds again to explode into "Christ the Lord is Risen Today." 3'15" $30 saMIko64 R00004
Spirit Medley for Piano 4-hands column two info Based on Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart and Spirit of the Living God. Rustic with rhythmic ostinatos in the bass. Strong and powerful, yet solemn and mysterious. Twos against threes between the players. 3'20" $15 saKPna23 S00009
Tenebrae Orchestra What does sin sound like? This was the driving impulse - to depict in sound why Jesus had to die. Composed for the opening of a Tenebrae Service on Good Friday. Intense whispers build to a powerful dissonance through the tune: O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus (Ebenezer). A second climax melts into an elongate version of O Sacred Head Now Wounded as motives wash down with growing intensity underneath There is a Redeemer. Peaking at the final climax, a codetta quietly closes the work in a somber, silent tone. 5'30" $65 saORkbF5 T00008
Variant: Of the Father's Love Begotten Orchestra, choir, handbells, tape Aleatoric opening (Genesis), the orchestra surrounds the congregation. Snippets from the chant move around the congregation and build to the offstage choir singing stanza II. The orchestra, now in place, imitate the call and response from the Jewish service (OT Covenants), solo organ begins the fugue on the chant, joined by the orchestra and choir (now in place). 5 min $80 saORkbF5 V00001
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