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If one size doesn't fit all then one price doesn't fit either. "Call for a quote." Call to discuss your needs and determine an approach to pricing that is honorable.

No Charge Services
  • Call for Consultation (C4C) . If you are considering any item in our catalog and you aren't sure it will work.
  • Substitution Parts. Request a substitute part at no charge for any catalog item. Ex: Alto Sax substitute for French Horn.
Custom Music Pricing
  • Change a Part. The first trumpet part goes too high. C4C.
  • Change the overall composition. Need a more or less challenging arrangement. C4C.
  • Expand an orchestration. Use all your available resources . C4C.
  • Reduce an orchestration. If you are missing a critical instrument to the arrangement. C4C.
Pricing depends on the length of the piece, the number of parts and the amount of rework involved.

Workshops & Clinics
Workshop pricing is dependent on several factors. Here is a partial list.
  • Number of people attending
  • Host churches receive reduced rates
  • Expenses (Participant Kits and Tools, Travel, Food & Lodging, etc.)
  • Number of Workshops and/or Clinics in the same location: TheMasterWorks takes out an insurance policy for each location where a workshop or clinic is presented. If several workshops are presented at the same location, there is a reduction in cost and therefore a reduction in price.

By phone or in person. C4C.

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Phone (USA): 860.833.4072 TMWtear