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This page is dedicated to young people who have short stories, poetry or other writings that glorify God and minister to others.
Megan Cupit
Book Reports
From the Holy Bible: The Book of Esther
Chapter One- King Xerxes has a party and Queen Vashti is banned from the palace because she disobeyed the king.
Chapter Two – Esther is chosen as the new queen, instead of the rebellious Vashti.
Chapter Three – Haman, a proud noble who has a very high position, forces everyone to bow to him, and when Mordecai, a Jew who is    Esther’s uncle and worships only God, refuses to, Haman decides to kill all of Mordecai’s people and bribes the king into making a
   decree about it.
Chapter Four – Mordecai tells Esther about the plot, and because her people, the Jews, are depending on her, she agrees to plead for the    people’s lives, even though she has to risk her life.
Chapter Five – Esther invites the king and Haman to two banquets and Haman decides to hang Mordecai.
Chapter Six – Haman has to honor the Jew he hates the most- Mordecai.
Chapter Seven – The king finds out about Haman’s evil plot (he didn’t know which people he was going to destroy) and hangs Haman in the    very place where Haman was going to kill Mordecai!
Chapter Eight – The Jews are helped by King Xerxes, and Mordecai is greatly honored.
Chapter Nine – The Jews kill all the people that were going to harm them (by decree of the king) and Haman ‘s ten sons are killed.
Chapter Ten – Mordecai is second in command.
Spring with the Moodys by Sarah Maxwell
Communication Concepts, Inc. Leavenworth, KS 2007

“With water spraying from under the sink, Mr. Delome leaped back out of the doorway, while Dad ran down to the basement to shut off the water to the house. Max and Mitch tumbled from the bathroom in an attempt to avoid the water. Mitch wiped his eyes in disbelief. ‘How’d I do that?’”
Whether it’s plumbing, training Maple (the puppy), talking to unsaved neighbors and family members or making Mom and Dad’s anniversary dinner, the Moody kids are great servants!

This book is about 4 kids: Max, Molly, Mitch and Maddie (with 2 more coming: Moses and Melissa). Mrs. Moody (or Mom) is having twins! The family can’t wait. This book has lots of good stuff packed into it, and I’m sorry I can’t tell everyone about it. I hope you’ll be able to read this book because it’s godly, funny, and it’s all about Homeschool kids like me!
The Hidden Jewel by Dave and Neta Jackson
Bethany House Publishers Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1992

“What is she saying? What does she want?” John asked anxiously as Arul bent down and lifted the girl to her feet.
“Refuge! She wants refuge,” the older boy said. “Quick- shut the gate!”

This book is about a girl of twelve who is about to become a “child bride.” A child bride is a girl who is married very early and is treated more like a servant for life than a wife! The girl’s name is Jewel.
In the quote above, Jewel has just come to Dohnavur Fellowship hoping to find refuge from her uncle. (He was going to force her to marry a man of fifty!) Amy Carmichael or “Amma” (“Mother” in Tamil) gives Jewel refuge and you’ll have to find out the rest for yourself! ( By the way, did you know that  Amy was an Irish missionary and the leader at Dohnavur?)

I like this book because it is about a missionary’s adventures. I hope that you will like it if you get to read it because it is interesting, godly and it leaves you in suspense. ( Until the end, of course!)
From Shenendoah National Park: God loves us, so He made beautiful creation for us to enjoy.
All Creation: All creation gives glory to God. It reminds us that God created everything for His own glory.
Land: Land reminds us that: “ as far as the east is from the west, so far has He taken our sins from us.” (Psalm 103:12) because there is land to the east and to the west.
Grass: Grass reminds us that God’s love is for everyone everywhere by covering the earth.
Buds: Buds remind that God gives new life because every spring, new ones come out. After, flowers bloom, just like in our hearts.
Pinetree: The pinetree reminds us that everybody and everything should worship God by pointing to Him.
Rocks: The rock is very strong. It can’t be broken by humans without tools. It reminds us that God is strong,“like a rock!”
A story about answered prayer. My dad had an idea about three weeks ago. He wanted us to raise money for Pacific Garden Mission. The mission is a ministry to the homeless and a place where all who come in are told about Jesus. The reasons we wanted to raise money for Pacific Garden Mission are: they need a new building and we want to support them.

Here is the idea my dad had. We’d collect soda cans, redeem them, and send the money to Pacific Garden Mission! We decided to do it, and we prayed. I started. First, l made fliers that told when I’d be coming to collect the cans. Then, I went door to door on our street, handed out the fliers and collected a few cans. It was going slow. Every week on Monday I went down our street to see if anyone had left any cans out for me. We figured out that it only worked when I saw the people in person, so I asked for cans from a friend of the family. She said yes, and gave us a bag. That was last week, and I hadn’t gotten any since.

We kept praying. Mom came up with the idea to put a large garbage can in our front yard with a sign that told people to drop their cans in the garbage can. No one put cans in for a while, and the sign blew away when we had a big wind storm!

Then our prayers were answered on Saturday! There were three bags: one in the garbage can and two outside! The person who brought the cans honked twice, but we were having our devotions and were praying, so we never got a chance to thank them! God really answers prayers, doesn’t He?

Click on the name to find out more about Pacific Garden Mission. To learn more about the can collection, call (860) 895-1134 (CT) or email us: K Cupit. We’d love for you to help us!
Summaries from Scripture
Jonah: This is a summary of the book of Jonah. Summarizing is good when you’re reading the Bible because it helps you to focus on the main points and understand it better.
Megan has written a verse by verse synopsis of the Book of Jonah. (It's amazing!) She summarizes the book with: Compassion is a thing that God likes a lot, and if you don’t give it to other people, He just might help you!
To view Megans terrific summary of the entire book, click here.
David & Goliath: (from 1 Samuel 17) Once upon a time there lived a boy named David. He was a youth who was good looking. David trusted God so much that he knew God would help him win a battle! He was up against a guy named Goliath. He was 9 feet and 7 inches tall and wore armor that was very heavy and made of bronze!!! You might think that David had no chance against this guy and would lose on the spot, but he was relying on God’s strength, and Goliath was relying on his own strength. David still didn’t have a chance of winning? Well, God did! God wanted David to win because His name would be praised, and David was willing to fight. David threw a stone at Goliath (God gave him perfect aim and he hit Goliath right between the eyes), Goliath fell on his face and was dead, and David cut off his head with Goliath’s own sword! God’s power is very great, isn’t it?
I like snow when the wind is shrill,
Because it gives me this sort of thrill.
It makes me want to shout “Hooray!”
Even though I know it will not stay.
Sometimes though, when it’s been winter for awhile,
It doesn’t really make me want to smile.
But usually…
I like snow when the wind is shrill,
Because it gives me this sort of thrill.

The Sky
(a haiku*)
Blue, big, beautiful,
With white clouds drifting in it,
Over the whole earth.

* A haiku is a short, unrhyming Japanese form of writing that has 3 lines with 17 syllables. The first line has 5 syllables, the second one has 7, and the third one has 5 again.

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