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Rev. Dr. Carl E. Abrahamsen, Jr.
Crown Him Lord of Life!
Pastor "A" recalls how a hymn sung at his mother's funeral continues to touch him each year during Holy Week.
Keywords: Luke 24:5-7, Crown Him, Resurrection, Funeral, Presence of Christ
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Karen Cupit
"Doc" Stories
Karen documents the life stories of Howard Lockward, M.D. (“Doc”)
Howard was born in 1927 and has walked with the Lord since his youth. Visit this page to read the stories of his life and experiences. You will leave, blessed and encouraged by the faithfulness of our gracious God.
"Doc" Stories
Rev. Al Grimm
In Memoriam
On the Sunday before Memorial Day, Pastor Grimm quotes a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson: In Memoriam A.H.H. In a tribute to those who have made the "ultimate sacrifice, Pastor Grimm draws us near the One who ultimately sacrifieced Himself for all.
Keywords: Galatians 5:1, Isaiah 49: 8-9, O God Our Help in Ages Past, Freedom, Memorial Day
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Marcia LaReau
Driver's License
A stolen wallet and the hassles of getting a new driver's license provide a humorous reminder that our God knows us and loves us.
Keywords: Psalm 139:1, Jesus Loves Me, God knows me, Driver's License.
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Five Bluejays and a Squirrel Quartet
A view outdoors draws Marcia's attention to the unending variations within God's creation and His commitment to use that creativity to find unique ways to reach us.
Keywords: Romans 1:20, Joy to the World, Nature, Blue Jays, Squirrels
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