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TheMasterWorks is committed to offerings that glorify The Master, Jesus Christ, and is a place to showcase works of music and literature with scripture.

You will find music and literature that demonstrates the surety of God's Word. Additionally, TheMasterWorks offers workshops, coaching, and consultation on a variety of topics. Visit the music section to learn more.

For all that you find here it is our hope that this is His work, His outreach through us.

...a few details:
  • Music. This section provides everything needed to equip music directors to work with instrumentalists and provide the appropriate music at the appropriate level of difficulty. The Call for Consultation (C4C) policy identifies what you need and delivers it. If it doesn't exist in our catalog, we'll create it for you.

  • Literature. Every essay poem, devotional and prayer is an original work which includes a scripture and hymn reference. Use them for personal meditation and worship or Sunday School, Bible Study, or Small Group meetings. Need something specific? Tell us and we'll send your request to our contributors.

  • About Us. Read about our purpose and how to connect with us?

  • Contact Us. Email, Phone or mail. From here you may request an arrangement, identify a workshop that intrests you, or submit your written compositions.

  • Sitemap. A birds-eye view of all pages on this site.
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